Corporate Massage

Could corporate massage improve the productivity in your workplace?

Corporate massage has gained increased popularity with many organisations, both large and small.

But why are companies offering regular massage to their workers?
It turns out there are many benefits of massage in the workplace, some of which include:

– the reduction of and relief from fatigue,
– increased alertness,
– enhanced thinking,
– an improved sense of general well-being.

It often makes the work environment feel less stressful and more enjoyable. Employees often exhibit improved morale, whilst employers ensure better employee retention. Importantly, massage can help in the reduction of injuries such as repetitive motion or overuse injuries so common in today’s workforce.

At Mosaic Health, our massage therapist will come to you with all of the necessary equipment.
Employees are often not even required to disrobe* and in some cases can even continue their work!

Corporate Massage Packages

Recharge package is best suited to busy employees who do not have time to leave their desk. In fact they can continue working at their desk as our massage therapist comes to them and performs a short but relaxing and revitalising massage at their workstation!

Rejuvenate is our most popular package. Our massage therapist will come equipped with a portable massage chair that can be set up just about anywhere. Employees can fully relax and recharge in the comfort and support of the massage chair for up to 20min each before returning to work feeling refreshed and energised!

Relaxation is certainly our premium package. Now able to drift away and achieve complete relaxation, employees can lie flat on one of our deluxe portable massage tables. These tables are compact but do require more space to set up than the massage chair. This package will require a more private area to set up*. The most spoilt employees enjoy up to 60min of massage bliss each!


Package                         Number of employees/hour          Price per hour**     

Recharge package           6-9 (5-10min each)                     $75 (minimum 2hrs)

Rejuvenate package        3-5 (10-20min each)                   $85 (minimum 3hrs)

Relaxation package         1-3 (20-60min each)                   $95 (minimum 3hrs)


Packages can be scheduled to suit your workplace, often on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Monthly or single occasion massage can be booked subject to availability.  Individual appointment timetabling is freshly scheduled per booking to ensure fair and unbiased availability for all employees. Massage schedules run on a strict time frame for this reason.

All new corporate clients receive 15% off their initial monthly quote! For a quote, or for further information about how corporate massage might benefit your workplace, please email: or phone: (03) 9510 1722.

*The Relaxation package is optimal if employees are willing to disrobe external layers of clothing to allow for use of massage creams or oils over the skin. A more private location for table setup is required.
**Shorter bookings can often be accommodated but may encounter a call out fee.

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