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Most Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis and Sports Injuries With the Australian Open here I thought it was appropriate to discuss the most common tennis injuries that exist with tennis players. The rivalry of today’s elite tennis players, such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer has propelled the popularity of tennis to an unprecedented level. However, even elite tennis players […]

Referred Pain

What is Referred Pain? One of the most common questions that osteopaths face is “What is referred pain?” The name suggests a strange problem, one that doesn’t relate to a specific area. Put simply, referred pain is pain felt in an area that does not seem to have any relation to the problem. The mechanism […]

How To Improve Your Posture And Prevent Back Pain

Back Pain due to Poor Posture As a follow up on the last blog I posted on ‘back pain, posture and muscle imbalance‘, I wanted to talk about what can we do about our posture to prevent back and neck pain. 4 Steps to Prevent Back and Neck Pain  1.     Core Strength exercises & strengthening […]

Back Pain, Posture and Muscle Imbalance

Back Pain Causes and Postural Problems Postural problems are usually the result of incorrect alignment or prolonged positions, which can then lead to muscle imbalances. When you are seated for a large percentage of time certain muscles will become shortened in length. When a muscle is shorter than the optimal length, it not only affects […]

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a Running Injury For having the Run Melbourne just pass, a lot of those that ran may be quite sore. For those with severe foot pain as a result pay close attention as you may have plantar fasciitis. The Plantar Fascia is a broad, dense fibrous connective tissue that runs across the […]

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