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Rest or Active Exercise?

Back Pain Treatment – Rest or Exercise? The old fashioned treatment for back pain was prolonged rest. But bed rest for more than a day or two is not good, because: –       Your bones get weaker –       Your muscles get weaker –       You get stiff –       You lose physical fitness –       You get depressed –       […]

Heat or Ice?

Heat v Ice to Treat a Sports Injury Most patients ask ‘do I use heat or ice?’ Now the answer to this question generally is if it’s acute or chronic. An acute injury, being one that happened suddenly, will show signs and symptoms of pain (usually intense), local tenderness, redness, warm to touch and swelling. […]

How to prevent back pain at work

Back pain in your workplace can make it hard to concentrate on your job, whether it would be general stiffness or dull and annoying pain. Depending on the type of work, some jobs may place a substantial amount of stress on your back. These may include occupations such as nursing, construction and factory work. Although even routine office work can worsen back pain, usually due to incorrect prolonged postures.

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